A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Won the Best Narrative and Overall categories for the  South Africa Game Jam 2017 Competition

HR: Human Resource is a 3D fact finding / explore the office / point and click / hidden object game that plays off in the bureaucratic hellscape that is Parasol Corp. You, a lowly member of the HR department, are tasked with investigating the disappearance of Employee #14182610. Collect enough evidence to compile a report that will satisfy Upper Management.

This game was made for the South Africa Game Jam 2017 Competition and was completed in 72hrs. The theme was "Collection". We are really excited and proud about this game and would love to develop it further! Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Also please note that there is only one assignment, we are planning on creating a bunch more but this is the original Jam version and we didn't have time to create more!

Average play time: 10 - 20mins

Ben McInnes (@BsMcInnes)
Adoné Kitching (@AdoneKitching)
Nina Lewis (@NeensLewis)
William Christian


SAGameJam_2017_HR_HumanResource_WIN_V001.zip 37 MB
SAGameJam2017_HumanResource_MAC_V001.zip 41 MB


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This was so funny! It's been awhile since I've played such an entertaining and well written game, and I didn't evenknow that it was only made in 72 hours that's insane! I did make a small gameplay video for your game and if you got the chanc to check it out I'd be very appreciative! In the meantime, thank you for creating such an interesting and funny game! 

Hey! Thanks for playing and making such a rad video! Really enjoyed watching it. We had such a fun time making this game and it's SO awesome to see people playing. I hope you'll stay tuned for more Parasol Corp adventures :)

Great gave you've made in 72 hours! I wish there was next part of the game where we find out just what has happened to the employee :)

Thanks so much GameGabe! We are so stoked that you liked our game and thanks for the video! We are hoping to expand on the game in the near future and so you may just find out some more about the on-goings at Parasol Corp. !

Hey i'm looking forward for those future updates!

I'm glad that you've enjoyed the video :)